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Our team strives to create an inclusive society by connecting people with a disability and the community.

Behind the Scenes Team

Tayla Cohen General Manager, Fundraising
Ariella Weinmann
Ariella Weinmann Marketing Coordinator

Camper Team

Olivia Sandler
Olivia Sandler General Manager, Participants
Casey Rosengarten
Casey Rosengarten Participant Coordinator
Zack Stein
Zack Stein Participant Coordinator
Julia Kretzmer
Julia Kretzmer Participant Coordinator

Program Team

Ricki Sher
Ricki Sher General Manager, Programs
Timnah Sheezel
Timnah Sheezel Camp Logistics Coordinator
Simon Marial
Simon Marial Shortz Logistics Coordinator

Volunteer Team

Jessie Horovitz
Jessie Horovitz Volunteer Coordinator
Bunny Rose
Bunny Rose Volunteer Coordinator
Brody Vellemen
Brody Velleman Volunteer Coordinator