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Our Houses

Flying Fox is now the official homeowner of two incredible life-changing properties. Our Shortz weekend getaways can now take place in the countryside of Lancefield and by the seaside in Rosebud.

Tova House

With the overwhelming success of our Flying Fox 5th Birthday Party, coupled with the tremendous goodwill of our major donors, we raised the funds required to purchase our very own rural property.

Tova House

Tova House is our very own home that is set up to host all of our Shortz getaways. Each year, countless Campers and Buddies road trip to Tova House to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Alongside all of our generous supporters, we want to make a special mention of our INCREDIBLY GENEROUS FRIENDS who enabled and empowered the entire community to support this project:

House 2.0

Double the opportunity! Double the fun!

Our new house in Rosebud was made possible thanks to 888 exceptionally generous people who contributed to our fundraising campaign in 2021.

The support was phenomenal. A very special thank you goes to the Shine On Foundation for leading the way. We couldn’t have done it without their continued and very generous support.

Get involved

Complete either our Camper or Buddy registration forms and a member of the Flying Fox team will get back to you soon!