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Our Board

Our advisors and mentors do an amazing job. They make sure that we manage the big-ticket items like risk and finance. They are also visionaries – shaping the long-term growth of the organisation and dreaming of a more inclusive world.

Nicky Carp

Co-Founder, UHG; Advisor, Medhealth; Director, Prac Advisory
Nicky is a qualified yoga teacher, who has never taught a yoga class.

Stephanie Aitken

Lawyer, Arnold Bloch Leibler
Thanks to Flying Fox, Stephanie has been on the roller coasters at Luna Park with Vance Joy.

Kate Beaconsfield

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Ripe Maternity
Kate can touch her elbows together behind her back.

Ari Dancziger

Manager, Bain & Company

Simon Faivel

Consulting Director, SVA; Chair, SIMNA; Co-Chair, SVI
Simon loves diverse & intense music, especially progressive metal, psytrance or psybient beats.

Sam Herszberg

Owner, H5 Group
Sam’s hair turned grey at 19!

Rochelle Serry

Founder, ThinkHatch; Cancer Consumer Advocate
Roch sees adventures not obstacles. She has climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa & Mt Blanc in France – crampons, ice axe, rock climb & glacier crossing. To altitude & beyond!

Jessica Stimson

Communications Advisor; Parent to Flying Fox Camper
Jessica does not drink coffee or alcohol… but she is fun… she promises!

Gemma Ludski

Consultant, Nous Group