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Our Network

Our wholehearted thanks go to our partners, donors and supporters who empower our organisation.

Our Partners

The support of our partners allows Flying Fox to thrive, propelling us forward and furthering our impact. Thank you to our special partners for their support throughout the years.

We’re always looking to connect with like-minded businesses who share in our passion of tackling social isolation for young people with and without disability, through the power of fun. 

Our Supporters

We are so grateful for everyone who supports Flying Fox; from in-kind donations, to time spent investing in our organisation, to financial contributions – and everything in between! Thank you to our friends, old and new, who continue to shape the organisation. 



Besen Family Foundation

Danny Wallis Philanthropic Foundation

Dorman Family Foundation

Gandel Foundation

Helen and Bori Liberman Family

Karen and Mark Franks

Spotlight Foundation

The Pratt Foundation


Alla & Peter Lew & Family

Alter Family Foundation

CCIG Capital

Debbie Dadon & Family

Finkel Foundation

Fouress Foundation

Gary & Kristin Neiman & Family

Jack & Robert Smorgon Families Foundation

Krongold Family

MaiTri Foundation

Modara Pines Charitable Foundation

Michael & Kylie Heine

Najla & Shayne Elliott

Nicky & Brandon Carp & Family

P & S Bassat Foundation

Paul S. Nadler Family Trust

River Capital Foundation

Sony Foundation

The Cher Family Foundation

Victor Smorgon Foundation


Adrian & Hilary Cohen & Family

Barbara & Barry Landau

Beaconsfield Family

Bursztyn Family


Christopoulos Family

Dina Goldschlager

Dodge Family Foundation

Ede Horton

Epstein Charitable Foundation

Evelyn & Tom Danos & Family

Gandur Family Foundation

Gary Peer & Associates

Goldschlager Family Charitable Foundation

Glasser Family

Jessica & Karson Stimson

Laini Liberman and Ben Rozenes

Lana & Dean Sheezel & Family

Moran & Gil Dvir

Ocean Made Seafood

Reuben & Keren Zelwer

Rodney & Ann Smorgon Family

Ruth Hoffman & Peter Halstead & Family

Samantha Gabriel & Family

Selwyn & Linda Cohen & Family

Simone & Jonathan Wenig & Family

The Catalano Family

Trevor Crittle (Groundswell)

Zagame Automotive Group


Abe Zelwer

Acresgrove Pty Ltd

Adam & Elana Rosenberg

Aimee & Paul Southwick

Amanda Coombs

Amy Lipshutz

Andrew and Natalie Bassat

Anna Serry

Anthony Fell

Ashlee & Noah Epstein

Ashley Krongold

Avi Gilboa

Barry Bloom & Family

Ben Mand

Berlinski Family

Bernie & Melma Hamersfeld

Bianca Stern


Brett Sacks & Ashleigh de Winter

Brin Nadler

BSP Lawyers


Buttons Support Services

Central Equity

Connie Kimberly

Consiglio Family

Coote Family Lawyers

Daniel Bierenkrant

Daniel Kramer

Dani Peer

David Johnston and Family

David Herzog

David & Lilly Harris

David Moffatt

David Smorgon

Dean & Jenna Cohen

Dean Joel

Dentists of East Melbourne

Dov Farkas

Elissa Feldman & family

Ella & Ben Kohn

Emma Rzesniowiecki

Executive Edge Travel

GBH – Lower Kinder Gimmel

Grant Roberts

Hamersfeld Family

Hall & Wilcox

Helen & Bernard Carp

Jacob & Debbie Weinmann

James Vivian Dermal Therapies

James Yu

Jeanne Pratt

Jesse Kochen

Josh, Loren, Ricki & Daniel Sher

Justin Liberman & Lisa Farber

Kate, Tal, Amy & Ethan Weiss


Keanu Ross & family

Keren Rochwerger

Kevin Slomoi

Kovi & Jennifer Paneth

Lionel & Brenda Steinberg

Lisa & Simon de Winter

Lynne Frid

Macquarie Capital

Marcus Rose

Martin Beuth

Michael Carp


Myer & Evi Herszberg

Myron Rogers

Owen Buttimore

Paula Christie

Pearl & Bernard Kagan

Peter Enten

Peter Urban

Quanta Services Australia

Rachele Saraceno

Rebecca Adler

Richard Charlupski

Richard Boreham

Robert & Nina Bassat

Robert Epstein

Rodney & Idit Teperman

Rodney & Vanessa Brott & Family

Ron Goldschlager

Rosie Lew

Roy & Sylvia Tashi

Russell & Louise Casper & Family

Ruth & Jeff Kestenberg

Sally & Larry Benge

Sara Lederman Charitable Foundation

Sarah Fonda

Sharen Fink

Sharon Singer

Shaun & Michelle Factor

SPS Corporation

Suzanne & Graeme Southwick

Tayla Cohen

The Panel

Tony Fell

Trollbeads Australia New Zealand

Vicki Herzog

Vivienne Fried

Wayne & Tammy Shub

Wayne & Galit Krongold

Plus, numerous anonymous donors.

A special thanks to our friends at Arnold Bloch Leibler Lawyers and Cohen Fasciani Chartered Accountants for their endless support and guidance since the beginning of our journey.

Thank you all.