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Our volunteers are incredible!

Flying Fox is shaping an entire generation of young people who are driven to create an inclusive world for people of all abilities.

Our volunteers (aka, our “Buddies”) are passionate, caring, warm, inclusive and energetic! 

The role of our volunteers is to support our participants to thrive on every program. All volunteers undergo extensive preparation and training to develop the tools needed to support our participants. We also ensure our volunteers are supported to grow, develop personally & professionally and up-skill throughout their journey with Flying Fox. 

Reach Out

The first step is to reach out via the expression of interest form below, and book in an initial video call with one of our team members (don’t worry, it’s not scary! It’s just to get to know you better!)

Program Allocation

Next, we’ll allocate you to a suitable program. We have different program offerings; our camps and our getaways. 

Our camps have a 2:1 ratio (2 Buddies to 1 Camper) and our getaways have a slightly different ratio of Campers to Buddies, however it’s a smaller group with lots of support for everyone.

Buddy Training

We have 4 x different training intakes per year. Once allocated a program, you’ll be placed into the next intake and trained for your specific program.

During training, we’ll provide you with information about the participant you’ve been paired with. You may also get the chance to meet your participant before the program!

Time for camp! 🎉

By this time, you’ll be fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to support your participant on a program and have an awesome experience with the best people ever! Every camp is unique but they are all filled with so many fun internal and external activities like rollerblading, swimming, dancing, arts & crafts and making new friends throughout it all. We can’t wait for you to experience the magic of Flying Fox.

Another way to volunteer: Health Associated Training

The HATS program is a professional development opportunity targeted at medicine, nursing and paramedic students to be trained on the intersection of disability and first aid who then volunteer as medics on programs. These skills ensure that every person on every Flying Fox program feels happy, safe and healthy.

You've been on a program, what's next?

It’s certainly not the end! We offer so many more experiences to keep you connected to the Flying Fox community. 

More camps, more getaways and even… weekly hangouts!


What do I need in order to come on a program?
Once you’re offered a spot on a program, you’ll be required to complete the training, a Working With Children check and Police check. 
I have some friends who also want to join!


Get your friends to send in an EOI as well. If it lines up, we’ll be sure to pop you on the same program so you can embark on the Flying Fox journey together!

I'm a bit nervous, how do I know I'm the right person for this?

We get it, it can be very daunting – at first. 

However, we provide you with extensive training, we’ll teach you about your participant and you may even be able to meet before the program! Everyone leaves training with the right skills and knowledge to ensure participants are safe, health & happy. 

I'm a school, how do our students get involved?

We work with a number of schools where students can get involved and volunteer on camps.

We would love to hear from you. Click here to get in touch. 

I already have experience, do I need the training?

If you already have some experience, that’s great! In the EOI form, there will be a section you can fill out to tell us what experience you have and we’ll work with what you need. 

How much does it cost to go on camp?

There is no cost for our volunteers. All accommodation and meals will be provided on our camps and getaways!

How many programs can I go on per year?
As many as you like!

What is Buddy Training?

Before our volunteers go on a program, we make sure everyone has completed the Buddy Training. 

These training sessions are interactive, and a safe place to discuss and explore ideas. It’s the space to ask questions, even the more taboo questions that you can’t ask in other settings. Training by Flying Fox is highly regarded within the disability sector.

The trainings involve 2 x modules; Introduction to Disability and Skills Training. There are many scenario based activities to keep people engaged and feeling confident going into programs. 

Key Training Topics 👇

Breaking down disability

Dissecting common misconceptions about disability and discuss its diverse manifestations.

Understanding of inclusion

Explore the principles of inclusive practices and strategies for creating environments that support diversity and accessibility.


Learn about different communication methods and gain an understanding of communication beyond its verbal state, encompassing non-verbal, visual, and digital forms.

Introduction to disability

Foundational overview of disability, exploring its definitions, current stigma & perspective, and societal impact.

Scenario based activities

Delving into different case studies to try and work out what tools and tips we need to be thinking about in different scenarios.

Sensory processing

What does it mean to be sensory seeking and/or sensory avoiding?


Various dimensions of accessibility, from physical spaces to digital platforms, and their importance in inclusivity.

Ensuring people can not only come, but also stay, play and belong.


The implications of what we say and focus on the role of language in shaping perceptions of disability and the importance of respectful, empowering terminology.