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Hangouts keep us together!

Hangouts is a weekly get together to do what we do best – make friends and have fun! It’s an opportunity to spend time out in the community, reinforcing the friendships built on camp, and developing our social skills. Check out what’s on this week for Flying Fox Hangouts!

Introducing Hangouts Memberships!

Exciting news: we’re launching a trial of a new membership model for Hangouts over May & June, 2024!

As part of our commitment to making our events as accessible and affordable as possible, we are introducing a trial membership model for the upcoming May & June Hangouts. Here’s everything you need to know:

  • Join our trial with a one-time fee of $50, which grants you access to all Hangouts scheduled for May and June. This is a fantastic opportunity to participate in as many events as you like over these two months! Once you’ve booked the Hangouts sessions you’d like to attend, we’ll automatically invoice you the membership fee. This fee is essential for covering the administrative efforts required to organise and facilitate these events.

  • Although your membership allows unlimited access, we kindly ask that you book your spot for each Hangouts in advance. This helps us ensure that we have the right preparations in place for the number of attendees.

  • If you are eligible, you can claim this membership fee under the NDIS line item: 04_210_0125_6_1 for Community Social and Recreational Activities. This can help manage the cost of participating.

What is NOT included in the Hangouts Membership?

Please note the following are not covered by the $50 Hangouts membership fee:

  • Food and Drinks: The cost of food and beverages at Hangouts is no longer included in the membership.

  • Ticketed Events: Additional costs for ticketed events, such as tickets to a comedy show, will not be covered under the membership. These are noted on the schedule below.

What's on?

Campers, click on the activities to book your spot! 🎉

Buddies, sign up via the form below 👇

May 2024

June 2024


We are serious about fun – and even more serious about our responsibility to look after everyone involved in our organisation.


  • Treat all people with respect

  • Be a good role model – use appropriate language and behaviour

  • Empower everyone to make their own choices

  • If you are ever uncomfortable about something you have witnessed or heard – report it

  • No swapping phone numbers or socials with our Buddies and Participants

  • Only appropriate physical contact is permitted on a Flying Fox program and in the circumstance of supporting a Participant

  • No taking or uploading any photos/videos of Participants and Buddies

  • Have lots of fun!

There may be a time whilst at Hangouts when rules need to be broken for the safety and support of our people. 

Report all breaches of this policy to Bianca – Flying Fox Member Protection Officer – 0450678486 or bianca@flyingfox.org.au.

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Who comes to Hangouts?

Flying Fox Campers and Buddies ages 16+ years. 

Do I have to book my spot for Hangouts?

Yes, it’s super important that if you’re planning on attending Hangouts, you book your spot! This is so we know how many people to expect and can plan the activity accordingly. To book, click on the programs above and you will be taken to a booking page. This is where you can select all programs you would like to attend!

What happens once I book my spot?

Once you’ve registered through Humanitix, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to a form to complete. This will give us a few extra details we need to ensure a great experience! Whether you’re a Buddy or Participant, you are required to fill this in.

Do I pay for my own food?

Yes. You will need to cover the cost of food at dinner Hangouts.

Please note, Flying Fox also does not cover the cost of a Support Worker’s meal.

Will I be paired up with a Flying Fox Buddy, or will I need my own support?

Flying Fox organises the logistics and fun of Hangouts. Unlike our other programs, at Hangouts, we do not provide 1:1 support, therefore it is highly encouraged to bring a support worker.

If you don’t require any additional support, please acknowledge that you will be expected to participate independently during the activity.

Is Flying Fox providing any transport?

If the Hangouts is located beyond a reasonable distance from our office (Balaclava), we will be offering transportation as an additional charge on the invoice.

Please have a look at the Hangout activities on this page to see which ones this may apply to. 

If I buy a ticket but cannot attend, what is the cancellation policy?

As our ticketed activities require us to book in advance to secure our spots, unfortunately, if you cannot join us we will not be able to provide you a refund.