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Life Changing Getaways

Flying Fox programs offer a range of fun-filled experiences and connection in a warm, safe and supportive environment.

Our Camps

The Flying Fox journey starts here! Our Campers and Buddies come together for a 3 night sleep-away camp in country Victoria. 

Every camp is unique but they are all filled with so many fun internal and external activities like rollerblading, swimming, dancing, arts & crafts and making new friends throughout it all! Each camp hosts a number of Campers who are individually supported by 2 trained, passionate and energetic volunteers (also known as our Buddies!)   

We also have a range of professional support staff, such as a medic team, night staff and staff members of Flying Fox present on camp. 


Camp are our 4 day, 3 night getaways which we host throughout the year during school holidays. 

Camp Wings is run throughout the year, catering to junior, teen, and senior age groups.

Camp Sababa is held in December and features Kosher catering and offers both junior and senior camps.


SOCS (Siblings of Campers) deserve to experience the Flying Fox magic too! 

Our SOCS programs allow siblings with similar life experiences to come together, join in the fun and connect with one another. 

We are now taking expressions of interest for the next SOCS Camp, happening in January 2025!👇

What's next?

Once you have been on a Flying Fox camp, that means you have access to even more programs (and more fun!)

Our 2 night getaways are run over the weekend at either of our holiday homes. Both the Lancefield House and Rosebud House are our very own homes that have been set up to host all of our 2 night getaways. 

Weekend Getaways

Our weekend getaways (3 days, 2 nights) are for small groups of Campers and Buddies. The crew begin with a road trip to one of our holiday homes in either Lancefield or Rosebud. 

Our getaways emulate a weekend away with mates, with a range of activities tailored to your group, such as; relaxing at the local cafe, playing games, singing karaoke, swimming, big cook-ups and reconnecting with your friends.

'Suits' Getaway

Our Suits program is a getaway (3 days, 2 nights) for groups of Campers and Buddies, aged 26+.

This is an opportunity for our older participants to hang out and engage in the Flying Fox fun! Some of our activities might include picnics, bougie dinners out, sip & paints, sailing, nice walks, farmers markets – just hanging out and enjoying time away with friends.

Looking for more social opportunities?

We also host a weekly ‘Hangouts’ for our Campers & Buddies! Head here to learn more about our Hangouts program. 

Book in a call with a friendly member of the Flying Fox team 🙌

The purpose of this call is to get to know you better, and understand more about what you’d like to get out of Flying Fox programs!