Sleep-away camps for young people with special needs. Campers are supported by Flying Fox trained young adult volunteers as well as professional support staff.

Shortz getaways are weekend getaways for small groups of young people with special needs. 

We aim to provide regular fun opportunities for our participants to make friends and for their families to have respite.

SOCS (Siblings of Camp Sababa) supports siblings of kids with special needs. 

The camps are a fun break for siblings of kids with special needs. They are an opportunity to connect with other kids in the same boat and to have a great time in a supportive and inclusive environment. 


We have amazing partners. We work with special schools and disability organisations to facilitate camps for their participants. 




Empowering the Next Generation

Flying Fox is a youth-led organisation. Young people drive every camp and shape the opportunities we provide to people with a disability.

Through being involved with Flying Fox, young adults are given the skills to support people with a disability and to work in the disability sector.

Flying Fox is shaping an entire generation of young people who are driven to create an inclusive world for people of all abilities.