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At Flying Fox, we’re on a mission to build connections between people with a disability and the community through the power of fun.

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We are serious about fun and even more serious about our responsibility to look after everyone involved in our organisation. 

We acknowledge the unique backgrounds, personalities, challenges and vulnerabilities of our Campers, Buddies, staff and everyone involved in our organisation. We especially acknowledge that society needs to do more to ensure that women and girls are safe and supported to participate in all areas of life without fear or stigma.

We are therefore committed to doing everything we can to ensure that our female Campers, Buddies, employees, board members and all members of the organisation are safe and feel safe. 

We are always open to feedback and input into how we can best ensure that we are doing everything we can in this area. Please do not hesitate to reach out about anything.

To learn more about us, download our 2019 Impact Report

Flying Fox Camps

In a nutshell

We run the most fun activities you could think of for a group of people who so often miss out!

Fun + Youth Led + Social Connection + Inspiring Inclusion = Flying Fox

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