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Our Buddies


Flying Fox is shaping an entire generation of young people who are driven to create an inclusive world for people of all abilities.
Flying Fox Camps

Our Buddies are passionate, caring, warm, inclusive and energetic!

The role of our Buddies is to support our Campers to thrive on every camp. On our big camps, two Buddies are paired up with a Camper and together they are tasked with the challenge of supporting each other to have the most fun imaginable.

On Shortz, our Buddies and Campers embark on a journey to country Victoria for a couple of nights at a time in their mini social groups.

All of our Buddies undergo extensive preparation and training to develop the tools needed to support our Campers. Our Buddies are also supported to grow and develop personally and professionally throughout their experiences.

Please reach out if you have any questions or complete the form below:

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Complete either our Camper or Buddy registration forms and a member of the Flying Fox team will get back to you super soon!